De-Frag Your Accounts Payable

By Nexus • May 3, 2016

Fragmented accounts payable systems are as effective as two people trying to row a boat in opposite directions. 

  • Information is incomplete or inaccurate
  • Employees must rekey information from one system to another
  • Information is not readily available to downstream systems
  • Managers do not have visibility into the status of invoices
  • The data required to resolve exceptions is not available
  • Payments to suppliers are delayed or incorrect


Not surprisingly, 21% of businesses recently surveyed by the Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM) said that integrating front- and back-end systems as a top driver of their accounts payable automation initiatives.

Electronic invoicing solutions, such a NexusPayables, eliminate the challenges of fragmented accounts payable systems by seamlessly integrating with downstream systems.

  • Users can leverage a single platform to manage all accounts payable information.
  • Information residing in an enterprise resource planning or general ledger system is linked with invoices and other payables documents.
  • The process of capturing, validating and managing invoice data is fully automated.
  • Users can electronically access, sync and aggregate information between various systems and devices, with no duplication of content.
  • Users can instantly access the information they need, regardless of where it resides.
  • Accounts payable departments can more easily organize, manage, secure and share information.

NexusPayables integrates with a wide range of downstream systems. Check out the complete list of compatible ERP and GL systems here.

About Nexus

Nexus lets real estate companies like yours manage every aspect of the accounts payable process with clicks and keystrokes, not paper. Our cloud-based AP automation software helps you work faster, simplify your day-to-day, and gain the visibility you need into suppliers, budget, and spend.

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