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By Nexus • January 11, 2019

Does Your Real Estate Company Need Help with Payments? Let Nexus Help

Real estate companies rely on hundreds of suppliers to keep their properties running smoothly. But - just as they don't have the bandwidth to deal with the plight of paper-based invoicing - they struggle with issuing check after check and handling the inevitable influx of supplier inquiries about payments statuses. Nexus enables real estate organizations to outsource this payments process, letting them focus on other business-building activities.


Nexus Connect

Nexus’ web-based portal, Nexus Connect, eases payment headaches in several ways. After a brief 3 to 5 minute sign up, suppliers can get set up on Nexus Connect where they can elect to receive automated payments from their clients.  All electronically. No more calls to the client about payment status. No more guesswork. It's that simple.

The client, meanwhile, can also save time and hassle. Instead of issuing a paper check, or logging into a separate bank portal to pay the supplier via ACH, the client can simply send an electronic payment file to Nexus indicating the supplier needs to be paid.

Nexus will then send the suppliers their payments in the method they indicated - check, ACH, or virtual card. Clients can check the payments' status in Nexus Connect, as well. 

 Nexus Connect payment statuses-1

All Suppliers Can Participate

Nexus leverages multiple tactics and partnerships to break down barriers to supplier acceptance of card. For example, we recently partnered with Noventis to facilitate card payments to suppliers who weren’t equipped to accept virtual cards, a popular electronic payment method. Nexus also maintains strategic partnerships with Visa and U.S. Bank, among many others.  

Since not all suppliers are educated on the different payment options available, Nexus takes the lead in educating, enrolling, and supporting them. A dedicated supplier services team contacts suppliers on an ongoing basis to encourage adoption and usage of the various components of Nexus Connect - which also allows suppliers to upload and track invoices to their clients.

Nexus is working to help real estate businesses pay their suppliers more efficiently and effectively, adding significant value for both parties.

About Nexus

Nexus lets real estate companies like yours manage every aspect of the accounts payable process with clicks and keystrokes, not paper. Our cloud-based AP automation software helps you work faster, simplify your day-to-day, and gain the visibility you need into suppliers, budget, and spend.

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